Complaint Investigations

This workshop is designed to explain the complaint investigation process and how it fits within the complaints procedure for schools/academies and MATs.

The workshop 

  • provides an overview of the complaints policy and procedure
  • gives an outline of the investigation process (including the investigator role) and how it fits in the complaints procedure
  • gives an overview of the investigation steps from receipt of complaint to the preparation and sending of the formal response and beyond
  • provides best practice pointers to inform procedures in individual settings

This 3 hour session includes best practice pointers and a real-life case study to test skills and understanding. The associated handout booklet provides additional guidance and model documentation for you to adopt and use in your individual settings. There is an opportunity at the end of the session to address any specific questions you may have (in the group or confidentially).

 Maximum number of delegates = 20.

Event Date Multiple Date Event
Individual Price 1 workshop session £85 per delegate
Caring for Vulnerable Children

Explore childcare approaches for vulnerable children

Develop a better understanding of the approaches employed in caring for vulnerable children.

Public sector cuts have made the task of caring for vulnerable children more challenging than ever.

On this course, aspiring or in childcare careers will better understand the characteristics of different childcare approaches and possible interventions.

You’ll explore definitions of risk and vulnerability, good enough parenting, child development, and fostering meaningful relationships and attachments, examining these issues in the real-life context of budget cuts and increasing child poverty

Event Date 31-12-2099 9:00 am
Individual Price Free
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