Attachment Based Mentoring - online learning course

Attachment Based Mentoring - online learning course

The Attachment Based Mentoring Programme aims to meet the specific needs of children who are most in need, by providing them with a significant adult in school who will become a safe base and is able to provide relational support through coaching and mentoring. The training draws on theories and research from the fields of attachment, coaching and resilience. ABM is a comprehensive practical guide as to what to do and how to be to ensure that the individual needs of each child are met.

This online course is roughly equivalent in time to 3 day course, but can be completed in your own time however best works for you. We do recommend having a learning partner at school to discuss your learning and development with. The course will involve a mix of learning activities including videos, audio slides, reading, exploration, activities, personal reflection and sharing thoughts, ideas and plans with others on the course.

The approach aims to enable children to feel safe, connected, and capable - forming positive relationships and enjoying learning.

You will:

  • Understand the needs of all children including the most vulnerable and how they can find it difficult to engage with learning
  • Learn how to become the child’s significant adult
  • Meet attachment needs by considering the mentoring relationship
  • Develop solution focused coaching and mentoring skills
  • Consider the wider role of the mentor in terms of social learning, restoration, advocacy and practical support

This course is aimed at Senior Leaders, Teachers and Teaching Assistants – it can be very effective to have a mix of people from your setting booked on together.

Event Properties

Event Date 01-09-2022
Individual Price £450 (£300 subsidised for Devon schools). This is an online course and is available to purchase and undertake at any time.
Please contact the event provider if you have a question.
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