CPD Portal is a “self-service” platform where event providers manage their own event listings, and customer bookings entirely. When you book onto an event directly your commercial agreement is entirely with the event provider. CPD Portal does not manage or control any of the listings or events on our website and beyond providing the software services to promote and manage events online we do not have any affiliation with the event provider, venue or event.

When you (as an Event Organiser) use the CPD Portal  for promoting events and collecting data from your attendees you are the “data controller” of all your attendees’ data. CPD Portal is a “data processor”, which means that the CPD Portal won’t do anything with your attendees’ data other than what you need the the CPD Portal to do in order to provide the service. The CPD Portal will not send attendees any marketing emails or share their data with anyone. 

The Event Organiser is responsible for the security and their GDPR compliance in the use of any data exported from the CPD Portal and should adhere to their own organisation's policy and practice. 

The CPD Portal cannot be held responsible for any data breach relating the mishandling of data / data exported from the system by an Event Organiser. 

The CPD Portal provides the ability for Event Organisers to email event delegates directly through the system. This functionality has been designed to send service related (operational) emails specific to an Organiser's event attended by the recipient of such email. If an Organiser wants to use this function for marketing purposes, you (the Organiser) need to secure your own compliant opt-in consents for the sending of marketing emails. Each event provides event attendees with the option to set their communication preferences.

If  an event attendee/booker should have any questions about an event, booking, refunds, data privacy or terms and conditions they should contact the event organiser directly via the ‘Contact’ menu, selecting the provider they wish to contact. They may also find contact details for them in the same place they found the original link for their event (e.g. their website, Facebook page, or Twitter account).

Where we have given you (or where you have chosen) a password which enables you to access certain parts of our site, or you have invited team members to access parts of our site, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We ask you not to share a password with anyone. You should reset your password periodically; you can do this by logging in and resetting your password. Your password should be unique and not a derivative of an existing one. 

As an Event Organiser you are subject to the CPD Portal's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, and by using the service you accept the terms and conditions as well as your responsibilities as a data processor. 

If you wish to report misuse of the system or you suspect a fraudulent event listing please send the details via the contact form and include a link to the event.

If you wish to promote your own events take a look at the Find Out More to learn more about all the features we offer.

Last updated 12th May 2018

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